Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bananas and strawberries and even buttered popcorn

Tonight as I'm washing the dishes, a very familiar scent teased me. It was a sweet smell that reminded me of something, something I couldn't quite put my finger on and I didn't know which dirty dish it was coming from. I got half way through my chore until I finally thought of it. It was the smell of R's breath!

Some may think it's weird, but I love the smell of my breastfed babies breaths. It took me months to compare the smell of E's sweet breath until I pinned it down to that of a perfectly ripe banana. Whenever I smell a banana, I'm always reminded of our bedtime routine and kisses goodnight on his sweet smelling face and early morning nursings before we both headed out the door during those last months of our nursing relationship.

The sweet aroma I smelled tonight was both different and very similar to that smell of natural sugary sweet banana. It wasn't until I lifted the last pot in the sink to find a dirty popsicle mold that I finally matched the smell. E finished off the last pureed strawberry-spinach popsicle we made today. Fresh strawberries! That was the smell.

I'm sure everyone has heard someone say that they would like to bottle up the smell of a newborns head. I know I would. That intoxicating smell is drifting away quickly now that R is 5 months (!). I would put that bottle on a shelf that only I could reach and have access to. Lined beside it would also be my bottles of perfectly ripe bananas, freshly picked strawberries, and call-me-crazy even buttered popcorn (yes, you know what I'm referring to).


  1. I love this. Scent is a big thing for me. A friend once told me that sociologists thought that infants most closely resembled their father's immediately after birth so that the father's would feel inclined to stay with the family, rather than wander off to find another woman, or even leave on a extended hunting trip.

    I jumped from that to scent and supposed that perhaps the scent of a child is what keeps a mother around even when all hell is breaking loose. With my first child, the one with all the health issues who never slept, I frequently felt like I was losing my mind, a little more every day. But when I sat down to cuddle him . . . again . . . his sweet smell would instantly calm me down and fill me with peace.