Thursday, October 18, 2012


It started shortly after R was born. Something, we figure, he created to keep himself busy while we were fussing over a new family member. We would hear countdowns and the sounds of blast-offs. It would zoom around us, this way and that. It would shoot off to the sky and crash into the couches.

Sasha is long gone. Kippen hit the road too. But I think Rocketship is here for the long haul.

Rocketship travels everywhere with us. When we went to my parents for a week, Rocketship took the train with us. Rocketship got to meet E's cousins and even helped fight some of his toy battles. When we go to the grocery store, library or park, rocket ship is always there to lend a helping hand. Rocketship helps eat dinner and at the end of the day needs a bath too.

You see, Rocketship is E's hand. And while some may think it's silly or weird, I tend to think my kid is a genius for using his imagination to keep himself busy. Rocketship comes out at times that may otherwise be used for acting out or crankiness because of boredom.

I love rocket ship.

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