Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Preschooler in da house!

We signed E up for a preschool program for the Fall. It's only once a week for two hours, but it's a great chance for me to get some stuff done without a toddler preschooler in tow and a chance for him to get away from me, spend some time with children his own age and do some different activities.

Today didn't start off as planned. We kind of slept in, but I was able to turn a parenting fail in to a super mom opportunity and he only arrived five minutes late! Phew! I was extra nervous that rushing him would not help with the separation but as I was saying goodbye to him and taking off his jacket he ran in to the room without me and didn't look back! Phew, again! I'm glad we went to the orientation last week and he was familiar with his surroundings. 

I enjoyed the freedom it felt like being the Mother of one easy baby for two hours and had a nice long hot shower and got some shopping in. Shopping for me! And I even got to try the clothes on! I know!

There was no time for pictures in the morning but as soon as we got home and put his new crafts on the fridge I was able to get some great shots for a little tradition I wanted to start (and I have been seeing all over Pinterest). He had a great day and we are both looking forward to next week!

Doesn't he look SO BIG?!


  1. I love this little tradition. E looks super happy! Kind of neat that you took the pictures after pre-school, actually, since he's basking in his first-day-of-school glow!