Friday, September 28, 2012

This is how I get paid for staying home

This three year old just cracks us right up. I've been keeping a rough journal of some of the silly and surprising things he has said lately and so I thought I would share some of the gems...

One day I started turning off all the lights downstairs to prepare for bedtime, leaving a stubborn E in the our dark living room. He came running, "Mommy, just give me a chance!"

R woke up from his nap in the middle of our dinner one evening and so I left my second piece of untouched French toast smeared with pure maple syrup on my plate to retrieve him (mmm breakfast for dinner). When I returned, E's plate was empty and in his hands was the last few bites of mine! I pretended to cry while looking for it. E fessed up pretty quickly and actually seemed very sorry. "Mommy, I didn't mean to do that, but I needed some more french toast. And I didn't mean to eat it all. Sometimes food gets gone and you just don't cry and you get more of it."
Sadly we were all out of bread.

While at the park collecting stones... "Mommy, I like stones. They're so pretty and peaceful and you can just sit with them." Everyone should have a 3 year old tag along with them to help them appreciate and enjoy life like this!

Hubby mistakenly stepped on and crushed E's plastic binoculars. The same ones he had around his neck and had been going to bed with for weeks now. We were both standing right there when it happened. "Daddy, you totally crushed my noculars! Why would you do that to me?!"
We got some new ones at the dollar store that day.

While excitedly showing me a toy that he has showed me a million times, I asked him to instead show it to R and to teach R how to use it. So he put in in front of R's face and did just that (while R's poor little head wobbled in over stimulation). "Step 2, pull this out. Step 2, turn this around. Step 2, look at this thing. Step 2, put this back in like this. Wasn't that fun, R? Mommy, he likes it too!"

Overheard in the playroom...
Toy 1: "Superhero to the rescue!"
Toy 2: "Thank you for coming!"
Toy 1: "What can I help rescue with you today?"
Toy 2: "I lost my sheep, can you help find it?"
Toy 1: "Of course I can! Blast off!"
Little Bo Peep calling in some reinforcements?

And last but least, tonight I had a lot of running around to do and E was fantastic in the stores. I thanked him for his excellent behaviour and for helping me shop for which he replied, "My pleasure!"

Not every day is easy and we've certainly had some trying days, but my man oh man I'm having fun spending my days with this kid!

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