Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The pout

It comes out when he is startled. Or when big brother plays too loudly. Or if Daddy sneaks up with his deep voice and catches him off guard. One time it even happened when his Great-Grandma was commenting on his belly chub. It must have hurt his feelings.

It's possibly one of the cutest and funniest faces he has but it'll darn near break your heart.

First one captured.

Big brother was being too rambunctious.

It usually disappears as quickly as it comes so capturing this hilarious face has been a fun little goal of mine.  If you're on Instagram you can follow me (aliciafagan) and #thepout. There's sure to be more...


  1. First picture of Angus's was when my husband was cutting his nails and nicked his finger. If Angus shows it to my husband, he can get anything he wants. :)

  2. We had one of those, Joe called it her power pout, and I never quite got a picture of it.

  3. Oh he'll use it to his advantage when he empties an entire jar of diaper cream and paints it on the walls :)