Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just hold my hand

R turned 4 months old today and while I continue to plug away at finally writing out his birth story, I'm also excited to make note of his latest cute little development.

When E was this age and started to get cranky for a nap I would almost always nurse him to sleep. He didn't take to a pacifier and I didn't push it on him. He had a hard time falling asleep on his own, but it never stressed me out. Nap time worked out just fine for us and the bonus was that it was only the two of us so I could lie down with him while nursing and we could have a nice long nap together (ah, the good 'old days!).

With R, I realized around one month old that he did not prefer to nurse to sleep. He would latch on and quickly pull off annoyed as if he just wanted to be soothed but didn't want the mouth full that came along with it. So we would walk around with him and soothe him through our motion and he would drift off easily (never anything like the bouncing, jiggling, swaying we did with E!). Shortly after I thought I'd give the pacifier a try and he took to it right away. Soon our nap time routine was as easy as giving him a soother, tucking him in and walking away from a completely content baby. It was a miracle! And such a blessing since E would be trailing behind me ready to play.

These last few weeks, however, R is more aware of his surroundings and for his afternoon and evening naps he requires a little more from me. When I lie him down or if I'm out and about and he's in the carrier or if I'm holding him while visiting friends and family, I just need to hold his hand. As soon as he grasps on to my finger he calms right down and closes his eyes. It's absolutely adorable and I love it. Sometimes I sit on the edge of my bed holding his hand inside his bassinet or sometimes I hold his little hand while lying beside him on our bed. Either way, I kind of love that he requires this extra touch. These days are going by too fast and I'm trying to soak them up as much as I can.

Sweetest little hand

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  1. That's so lovely. Our little Noah, now 10 months old (I can't believe it) was a big thumb holder. He would be restless in your arms until you gave him your thumb to hold. Then, instant peace. He's outgrown that now and wants his "blankie" instead. I love those sweet little things about babies!