Thursday, July 5, 2012


Remember when E had his first imaginary friend, Sasha? Sasha didn't stay too long. And the more I think about it, it seems Sasha was never really a friend, but more of a character in E's make believe world. A character that would drive the little cars in his hands, rather than an imaginary friend who I would see as playing with the cars beside him.

Ever since Baby R came into our world, E has been talking to and playing with a new character. Hubby noticed a certain name coming up repeatedly this past weekend while E was playing quietly with his toys and asked me what he was saying.  I realized I hadn't made note of this yet. Let me introduce you to Kippen.

Who is Kippen? I think a girl.
What does she do? She plays with everything.
Where does she live? A house made out of bricks.
What do you do together? She plays with me. But I'm not playing right now.
When do you play with her? At 60 firty.
Where did you meet her? At the fortress. It's really deep and I have to dig really deep to find Kippen down there.
Where is Kippen now? In the small hole.
What is Kippen doing there? I want to tell him something. (Kippen switches to a HE here)
Is Kippen coming to our house? No, Kippen is not coming. He is not walking here. He is running here because he is really fast.

So there you have it, Kippen in a nut shell. Or in a small hole that you need to dig really deep to get to. Imaginery characters are awesome.

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