Thursday, June 14, 2012

Preparing our home for a birth

I'm still getting caught up here with all the planning that went into Rohan's birth...

One of the first lists I put together after deciding I was going to stay home was a list of supplies that I needed to give birth comfortably.  I say comfortably, because to give birth naturally there aren't many things you really NEED, right?

I asked my midwives and we put together the following list of items that they wanted me to have onsite:

5 large old towels
5 receiving blankets
2 baby hats
2 large garbage bags
plastic drop sheets (to protect the floor, bed, couches)
hydrogen peroxide (for any stains)
peri bottle (for post-partum care)
hot water bottle or heating pad (for baby or a comfort measure for me)
blue chux pads (I also picked up some puppy pads from the Dollar store which are the same thing and much cheaper)

Then there was the list of extra items I wanted to have and also needed for post-partum. This list also includes items that friends kindly suggested when I posted the question on my blog Facebook page.

birthing water tub
rescue remedy (calming labour aid)
arnica (post-partum care)
calming essential oils (lavender, frankincense and myrrh were suggested)
yoga mat and stability ball
sanitary pads
nursing pads
witch hazel (for hemorrhoids)
epsom salts (for sore muscles)
post-partum bath herbs
food (for me and for my birth support team)

The biggest thing on the list was a birthing tub since I had decided that a water birth was the most appealing to me. I originally had my mind set on picking up a tub from a mother in the area that was loaning hers out for cheap. It was a large Rubbermaid tub, that looked like a horse trough. How awesome would that have been? I think I was more excited just to tell my farmer father.  But it required pick-up and drop-off and did not come with any of the added equipment, including a disposable liner which meant it would have required cleaning. As I got closer to my due date, the stress of having to order all the extra pieces and borrow a truck to pick it up was just not worth it. So I decided to cancel that tub and my midwife pointed me to another mother who has a side business of renting out an eco-inflatable tub. I was thankful to find her, especially since she charged nearly half the price of all others I researched in Ottawa, and because everything was included.  Simple as that.
When she dropped it off we were able to give it a test run so we felt prepared for the big day. The only extra piece I picked up was a longer hose since the one provided could not attach to the funky taps we had on our main level and we had to attach it to the tap in our laundry room in the basement. It all worked out because we needed a hose for our new backyard anyways :)

Testing out the tub! (38 1/2 weeks)
So far we had made the decision to have a home birth and gathered all the supplies needed. Next up was preparing myself, my family and my support team. Stay tuned for these notes and Rohan's full birth story to follow.

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