Friday, June 8, 2012

Introducing our newest addition!

On top of all the big changes happening in my life with our move and preparing for our second child and having computer issues on top of that, I have completely neglected my writing in the last two months. That doesn't mean I am lacking material. I have posts drafted on my phone, on the computer and on little notes in my purse and scrap pieces of paper around the house.  I hope to have some time now to finally type them out. So many memories have been made in the last two months they simply can not go without journalling or being told.  And writing makes me happy. I miss it.

So without further ado...I would like to introduce our new baby boy, Rohan.

Hours old - asleep in our bed.
Born on May 26, 2012, a day before his estimated due date, at 5:05am, Rohan came into this world just like I dreamed.  Although, a little quicker than I imagined - it was perfect!  A quick labour and fast delivery. So quick that the midwives just got here in the nick of time. It all happened at home - a natural water birth just like I hoped for. I feel so blessed.  I will soon write out my birth story while it is still so fresh in my mind. For now, you can see it in pictures, taken by the very talented Danielle Lynn Photography, my birth photographer! I also want to write out my journey towards a home birth and the planning that went into it.  What a ride!

Our family of four - 1 day old.

My midwife told me that evening when she returned to check on us, that I laboured and birthed so well and asked how many more children we were planning on having. At that moment, immediately after the birth, I laughed and told her to ask me at a later date. Hubby also laughed because he is convinced that two is our limit. Would you think I was crazy that not quite two weeks later, I am already thinking I could go for a third? If I could have a birth like this again - I would take it! I'm crazy, right?

Maybe it's because Rohan is such a easy baby (so far). Nursing like a champ, gaining a lot of weight and sleeping well.  Maybe it's because of all the support I have had. Or maybe it's because I am a confident, calm, cool and collect second time Mom. Whatever the reason, this time around has been SO much easier.

Brothers :)

Big brother, Elijah, is doing well. He is gentle and asks to hold his baby brother often. E had one week left of day care when R was born so that gave me a great transition into balancing the mother of two act. This week E started off extra clingy and whiny so I thought he was coming down with a bug. Turns out as we are ending the week now and nothing has changed, it seems he has caught nothing more than the big brother blues bug! I'm sure I'll have much more to write about on this topic ;)

Here we go!


  1. Super huge congratulations!! Both the little men are SO adorable. You sound so relaxed and happy - I'm sure it is crazy around there but at the same time, a very happy home. Can't wait to hear more about your new family of four!

  2. ovaries are ready to explode!!! Congrats to all of you!!

  3. Congratulations to your beautiful family. Rohan is adorable!

  4. He's beautiful, as are the photos from your birth. Congratulations Alicia!