Monday, April 23, 2012

Two more minutes

I came across this poster and saying today on Facebook and it reminded me of a new saying that has entered the walls of our new home. It started around the same time as we moved three weeks ago. Sadly, I don't think the timing is a coincidence.

Two more minutes he asks when he's playing with his favourite toys and doesn't want to do what I ask of him.

Two more minutes he asks when he wants us to continue playing with him.

We had friends and family over to celebrate E’s birthday yesterday. When it was time for my parents to leave and E was having a good time playing with his Grandma in the back yard, he asked her to stay for two more minutes.

After a busy day when Daddy was helping him in the bath and told him it was time to come out, I heard him ask for just two more minutes.

When I was reading him his new birthday books before bed he asked me to read for two more minutes and when I was done reading and tucked him in, he asked me to lie with him for just two more minutes.

This morning in our usual routine, E climbed under the covers with Daddy and asked for two more minutes lying in bed with him while I got ready. This is a time and request we rarely ignore. It is a special time that my boys have. I get sit by and watch them giggle and being two minutes late for work as a result is something I'll risk any day.
After hearing this new trend in his speech, a couple people in our lives have told us that this is a BAD habit and that we shouldn’t give into his constant request for just two more minutes. I have to admit, that sometimes it does get tiring and in entertaining the two minutes he is usually just playing us. I usually need to explain to him that the two minutes is up or I'll countdown to one minute and then have to let him know when I am finished. He is usually pretty accommodating if we explain things this way, the reasonable kid he is. Other times he may kick and scream.

Something I try to be conscious of is ignoring or putting off playtime or listening time with him. It is so easy as a parent to get wrapped up in what you’re busy with and when your child is pulling at your leg to tell them, “not right now”, or "not today",  or “I’ll be with you in one minute”, or “I don’t have time to play, why don’t you play by yourself”. This has happened a lot lately in our house with so much going on and especially with our move. When E has wanted to play or tell me something for the millionth time in the last few weeks I've been consumed with packing and unpacking.

If I can't give him just two measly minutes what am I teaching him? I want him up know that his opinion is wanted, that his word is important, that we respect him and have time for him no matter how big or small the situation or comment is. I don't want him to EVER lose confidence is us.

I think it's common as parents to second guess your choices or think that you may have made a mistake in parenting. I try to think that every time I have one of these aha! moments with E, even if it's just after reading a poster I came across on Facebook, that not only am I only human, I am becoming a stronger parent and person every day. And that's what life is all about.                         

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  1. Watching E at his birthday party was really nice, especially when he was opening his gifts. Even when you could tell he was beginning to get really excited, it was so great to see him look for and "read" the card first, appreciate each gift and thank every single person. He has clearly learned patience and good manners from you guys! What a little cutie!