Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A new home

Goodbye March 2012, Hello April 2012!

I'm not one to wish away time.  I try to breathe in every day and make the most of the ups and especially the downs. But March 2012? I'm trying not to remember.

It's been a stressful month looking for a house, putting an offer on a house, paying for a house and the million other expenses (lawyers, inspectors, insurers, oh my!) and paperwork that come along with it, packing and finally moving.  We put an offer on our home exactly three weeks from the day we moved.  It was a very quick turn around.  My evenings consisted of bringing home cardboard boxes and packing nearly every night for two weeks straight. My hands are dry and cracking, beat up from the dust and cardboard and taping. My back aches from the stress and from moving things around (don't worry, I realize I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I know my limits ha!), my hips and legs are crampy from walking up and down stairs. I am exhausted.

During those last three weeks Hubby got bronchitis for a week, E developed a fever that was a week long of clingy, miserableness and the dog went crazy with anxiety issues that kept us up for two full nights .(due to the change of scenery and boxes we are assuming) and I was trying to balance it all without going crazy myself.

I've heard of people literally throwing up when they signed on the dotted line to buy a house and handed over the money.  Although I didn't quite get to that point, I did have times along the way where the stress felt like it was going to lead me into pre-mature labour.  Those are the evenings I went to bed with E cuddled beside me, practicing my breathing and trying to relax.  Thinking to myself - tomorrow is a new day!

March sucked, but I am not a total pessimist. It brought us to our new home.  A beautiful town home, just perfect for us. Across from a large park, around the corner from another cute little park, down the street from the school E will attend in 1 1/2 years.  We have a backyard and a garage and a basement - adding so much room to what we have been used to over the last few years.  I have so many ideas and dreams for this house.  It just feels like home already.

March also reminded us that we have a wonderful network of family and friends who are always willing to help out.  From answered panicked phone calls, to moving boxes, to bringing snacks, to unpacking boxes - we are so fortunate for all of their help.

And so now I welcome April with open arms. We are busy unpacking, settling in, arranging furniture, learning new routes to and from work and day care, scoping out the neighbourhood and parks and amenities and I couldn't be happier.  We did it. We are home.

E holding the key to our new house. Moving day - March 31, 2012


  1. Congratulations! You've clearly earned it!! ;)

  2. Congrats!! Now feet up - take care of yourself these final weeks of pregnancy!!

  3. Congrats! So exciting to be in a new place. I can understand the stresses of it and I hope the months ahead with your newest little one in your new house are much smoother. It sounds like you deserve it!

  4. Fantastic new!!! Congratulations :)

  5. Wonderful news - congratulations on the new home! May you have many, many happy years there!

  6. Ack! No wonder you're glad to see the ass end of that month. I've never moved while pregnant or with kids, let alone with both. Poor you. Hope you get some recovery time before the next wacko thing happens (because we all know, when kids are involved, something wacko will happen again).