Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine hearts his way

I had intentions to be really creative this Valentine's Day with all kinds of great inspiration on Pinterest. Afterall, this is the first year I have helped E make his very own cards. But then E got a fever on Thursday and hasn't quite been himself the last few days so we toned it down to some simple heart gluing and painting - just the way he prefers to craft.  As it turns out, he was super proud of these hearts this morning as he handed them over to his day care provider, even if we started the day off with a little extra crankiness.

We left most of the crafting to last night but this weekend we were able to get a few special crafts done with him for the extra special people in his life including cute heart shaped handprints.

Happy Valentine's Day!

These crafts have been submitted to the Kids in the Capital craft carnival. This month we are celebrating Love and Kindness. Join in the fun!

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