Friday, February 3, 2012

He dreams of hockey

I've always figured any child of ours would be a lover of sports.  E has been sitting on the sidelines of ball hockey, baseball, soccer, hockey and golf for all of his 2.5 years so far.  Hockey has been his sport of choice and there is nothing more exciting to him than an invite to play road hockey or to go watch one of Daddy's games.

Lately I have been thinking, can being THIS obsessed with one thing be healthy for him? I work in national sport and one model that is frequently talked about is Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).  If you are thinking I am already considering my child to be a national level athlete, that is not what I am getting at. It's just one thing that will always be at the back of my mind - raising a child that is well-rounded and tries a number of sports rather than streamlining and focusing on one sport alone.

That being said the more I thought today about E's current hockey obsession the more I feel like I should embrace it.  I think as parents we can only help our children learn and flourish by embracing their current interests and help them explore them further.  When E was really interested in bugs this summer I took him to the library and we brought home a stack of books about bugs and we explored bugs in the grass at the park.  When he talks about wanting to bake, I pull him up to the counter and we measure and stir and watch our creation rise in the oven window. Why should this be any different?

Over the holidays Hubby was given a box to the Senator's skills competition and so we invited some friends and the kids had a blast. Do you think E has forgotten that experience? The weekends can sometimes get tiring when he is constantly asking to go back to the Scotiabank Place, but how can we not laugh?

The last 24 hours may have been the highlight of his current love for hockey. 

Last night we cleaned up the playroom, organizing all the toy bins and clearing the floor of the mess.  When finished, E declared the wide open space we created to be the ice and with Hubby's old hand-me-down helmet on my head and one of his Lemieux jersey's on, I was the goalie and E was the "player".  At bedtime, along with some other books we read the usual NHL Hockey Shapes book and Robert Munsch's Just One Goal and I tucked E into bed with nothing but hockey on the brain. 

This morning as he sat on the toilet he told me all about Hubby's friend who plays goalie and then went off to retrieve his equipment to bring to bed with Hubby while I jumped in the shower.  This is what I saw and what I see daily when I got out of the shower.
What do you mean I'm going to daycare and not the Scotiabank Place?

The hockey equipment was then returned to it's "safe place" in the playroom where we leave it everyday to avoid a fight. He is usually very compliant knowing that as soon as he gets home he can run upstairs and find it exactly where he left it.

Tonight after packing up his goalie equipment and carting it around the house in his "hockey bag" otherwise known as my cloth grocery bag we settled down for some bedtime stories. The Cat in the Hat and Click, Clack, Moo made the cut tonight along with an unusual but very fitting choice. Pulled from the shelf where I have been keeping a stack of Hubby's childhood sports heroes was this novel and he sat through the entire first chapter.

Bedtime story
Sweet hockey dreams my baby boy.

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