Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The guessing game

Part of the fun of not knowing the baby’s sex is trying to guess what ‘it’ will be. There are quite a few theories and old wives tales out there so I thought I would test some out.

Ancient Chinese Birth Chart
Factoring in my age and month of conception, we’re having a girl.

Salty = girl, sweet = boy.  Uh oh, I crave both. Yet, I have always craved chocolate and sweets more than salty, so I’m going to give this one to the girl because I rarely crave salty otherwise.

Heart rate
If the heart rate is above 140-150bpm you are having a girl, below that it’s a boy. It’s best to only test in the last half of the pregnancy and it worked for predicting E’s gender. E’s heart rate was always around the 150bpm in the beginning and dropped to a steady 120bpm near the end. This pregnancy started around 160bpm and now sits at 130bpm. I’m predicting boy again, according to this.

Another saying is the when you are pregnant with a girl she “steals your beauty”, hence making you gain more weight and have poor skin features, etc. I haven’t had much weight gain (yet) and skin has stayed the same. Boy, again!

Belly shape
If you carry low and out front it’s a boy. If you carry high and everywhere it’s a girl. So far I am just carrying low just like I did with E but I don’t believe this one as much because it all depends on your body shape. Boy it is I guess.

Ring direction
For this one you attach your wedding ring to a string and hold it above your belly. Hubby tested this one out and after I discovered he was actually swing the string I demanded a redo. If the ring swings in a circular motion is a girl. If it swings back and forth, boy.  Back and forth it was = boy!

That makes the score 4 for boy, 2 for girl!

Just for continued fun I found this quiz on the website called: “Boy or Girl” and this answer at the end of my quiz made me laugh.

You answered 5 items out of 10 Yes.
Your score is 50%. Congratulations! According to the Old Wives it's a boy!
So, you’re telling me it’s a 50/50 chance?


  1. Well - if it's a girl, you're going to be very popular amongst your family members. :)
    If it's a boy, just think of all the hand-me-down clothing you'll have!
    The ring one kills me lol I remember doing these sort of things in 4-H.

    Whatever "it" is, he or she will be loved tremendously and will have awesome parents to look up to :)

  2. Which direction does your pillow face? Colour of your urine? I don't think mine faces either of the directions asked and I didn't realize there was a standard urine colour....and those were just 2 of the questions. Mine says girl, but I'm not convinced. The questions are a little odd. =0)


  3. @Lindsay - L & E are due with a girl in May so the pressure is off me :) Thanks for your kind words!
    @Jules - ridiculous questions right? My pillow actually faces south and my pee? I think it has stayed the same colour ;) Can't wait to hear your news - coming soon!

  4. lol, we did all those tests too! And it predicted 40% boy, 60% girl. We had a girl! She had a consistently high heart rate, she robbed me of my beauty by making me barf for 6 months straight, and I craved only salty things (hated chocolate during my pregnancy, which is CRAZY!) This is fun :)

  5. I am convinced it's a boy...we shall see in 4 months if the 4 out of 6 hold true! It is fun :)