Monday, February 6, 2012

24 weeks

In my 17 week update I wrote a bit about the differences in this pregnancy compared to when I was pregnant with E.  I'm still experiencing the huge food let downs and gagging and feel like I'm growing like crazy. In fact a coworker recently told me that I was huge and the equivalent size of another coworker on the day she left for her maternity leave. Awesome, I look 9 months pregnant! I actually don't look that huge I promise. I'll try to get around to a belly shot soon to prove it.

A couple things have changed. Baby's heart rate has been around the 130 bpm rate lately and many of the old wives tales are pointing toward's boy. During the first trimester I was convinced it was a girl, but now I'm thinking boy. And I can only think of boy names. Maybe it's just easier to match a name up with an older brother?

I'm still tired, but instead of falling asleep whenever I can I was hit with a bit of insomnia for the last few weeks. Waking up for work in the morning has not been fun.

I had an ultrasound at 19 weeks and the baby was very active.  Measurements went well until the Ultrasound Tech had to measure the spine at which time the baby would not cooperate. I even stood up and moved around a bit hoping it would help. I ended up having to go back the following week at which time it took maybe 10 minutes because baby was in perfect position.  I made sure to tell the the Tech that I did not want to know the sex.  It was tough closing my eyes and looking the other way while she took measurements in those areas, but I stood my ground without peeking.

I discussed my wishes for a home birth with my midwife. I was nervous telling her that we were moving and was worried she might not approve of the distance if we do decide to move just out of town. I was relieved when she was not concerned at all and was very welcoming in my plans.  So I am really excited to announce that a home birth is my official plan and I am moving full steam ahead watching home birth videos and reading all kinds of great resources. I'll share some of my learning's here soon. 

I feel so empowered with this pregnancy because 1) I've been there and done that and 2) my midwife is awesome.  There's something about feeling like you have a choice that makes you feel more at ease about your decisions.  I was able to opt out of the glucose test (the one for gestational diabetes) and that is something I would have never questioned during my first pregnancy.  It's hard to explain but it just feels great. I don't feel like a patient when I'm at my appointments. I feel like I have a new friend that is empowering and supporting me every step of the way.

So I'm feeling great overall and really can't complain.  I've started a new exercise routine at my workplace gym during my lunch hour and it feels great to have more of a routine with my walking again.  Last week I started the Tupler Technique program through Kangaroo Fitness and this week I'm starting Prenatal Yoga with Little Lotus Yoga.  So many exciting things starting this month that I'll be sure to update you on soon!

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  1. Belly shot please :) I feel big right now too...the doctor explained that I'm carrying really high which might account for feeling giant! Can't wait to hear about your fitness experiences with little lotus and kangaroo