Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mommy Scissor Hands

E had a bit of a Justin Bieber thing going on for the last couple months.  I love his hair long, running my hands through his golden brown locks, but I think it was starting to hamper his development.  No joke.  His hair was getting into his eyes a lot and so I finally stopped procrastinating and did something about it this weekend.

I picked up a pair of hair cutting scissors at Shoppers Drug Mart for $15.99 which I know I will get my money's worth. This kids hair grows like crazy and taking him to a salon usually costs me $15-20 a pop. I watched a Youtube video (ha!), strapped him in his booster seat, covered him in a bath towel and dressed him in his painting smock, put a movie on in front of him and voila - welcome to Mommy Salon!
Before picture - all set to go!
With my new scissors, some water to wet down his hair and a comb I was all set! He was awesome and just watched his movie, laughing as chunks of hair hit the floor.  I think it took me a good 30 minutes after I checked and re-checked his head to make sure I didn't miss anything.
After picture - Yeah! Mommy didn't ruin my hair!
I'm feeling pretty invincible these days. Seriously, I cut my child's hair without completely screwing it up. Another DIY project under my what? Nothing scares me now!

Better yet, Hubby was so impressed that he said I should start doing his too.  But I'm not that cocky :)


  1. Nice job. We have the same MomSalon set up! And I do cut all the boys' hair including DH (not much to cut or crew up).

  2. Peanut had the Bieber thing going on... and his hair is thick, so he could pull it off.
    Alas, his father made him cut it, telling him long hair is for girls, so now it's practically a military buzz. :(
    I was hoping he would keep it, just to be individual.

    But I guess he will have the glasses for that now :)

  3. Holy crap. You did a fantastic job.
    I do not trust myself with sharp objects near my own face let alone someone elses!
    He is a doll.

  4. Wow, you are so brave. I could NEVER do it! I can't even put a ponytail in my client's hair very well when they're in!!

  5. Nice job!!! I am so grateful my MiL is a stylist - she comes every 4-6 weeks to see her boys and cut all our hair :)