Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking for our new home

Last year I ranted a bit about a potential move. As it turned out, we decided to stay in our current home for a another year and that year is now coming to an end. I've been religiously checking home listings and inundating Hubby's inbox with links to homes that may be worth a look-see.  The truth is none of them really cut it on paper, so I knew they wouldn't really in person either.

I think my problem is that I want to move SO badly. I love this area that we live in, but not exactly our street or unit. We have been living in our small three bedroom terrace home for four years now and it has never really felt like home. I want a home of my own, one that I can make my own without worrying about rental agreements. I want to live in a family friendly area. I want more space. Want, want, want.

This week I finally found a house that I feel fits the bill, almost. It's in a small town a short-commute from the city. It's within walking distance to shops and surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is in gorgeous shape. The only thing is the lack of bedrooms.  The best part? Hubby is completely on board. So on board that we have booked a viewing for this week! Who knows if it is "the one", but we are both excited to check it out and really get serious about the home buying and moving business. 

This whole experience starting last year and leading into the last few months had me completely change my point of view. Originally wanting something bigger and newer, I then went to small and fixer-upper.  Now I am completely happy with something just slightly bigger than what we have now.  Bedrooms? I am considering bunking the kids in the same room if it means I can have a finished basement.  Big back yard? I am considering a small yard if it means we are near a big park.  In the country? I am more interested in small town, walking distance to things now.  I've changed a lot of my priority list because I know I can't have it all (HGTV anyone?).  It is also important for me not to settle, as I have a tendency to do when it comes to big things like this. It doesn't have to be perfect and timing is not on our side. Fingers crossed that things work out!


  1. Fingers are crossed! It took us 18 mos to find this house and it's only 10 minutes away from where we lived. It's amazing how your priorities change when you become a parent. We moved for a nicer neighborhood, better school, more living/play space and more bathrooms. Ironically the first question (after 'do you know the sex?') that most people ask when they find out we're expecting is 'will you have to move now?' Apparenlty in 2012 suburbia kids don't share rooms ;)

  2. Buying a home is so stressful, and you're never really sure if it's the right decision. Even now, 1.5 years after we bought ours, I'm still not sure! But it definitely feels like "home," so I'm following that feeling, and we're managing the best we can with our old fixer-upper :) Good luck!!

  3. Fingers crossed for you!!
    My husband is convinced that our house has some bad mojo. We've been through a lot these last few years and it all started when we moved here.
    So we may be looking.
    It's kind of sad though. I love my neighborhood and it's close proximity to schools and parks and the city...sigh it'll be hard.

  4. So, you know I've had this conversation a bazillion times too.

    Last year we spent the spring/fall looking at houses. Open houses every weekend, convinced it was time to move from our 3 bedroom town home.

    It was around Christmas that we started to look at the house differently. The neighbourhood is great, it's so close to the school and park and transit, and frankly, it would save us a lot of money if we stayed.

    The renos we decided to do are to enhance our stay and max out our space. It's no easy decision but it sounds like you found a really great fit for you.

    And before kids? I wanted the 2800 sq foot home with GIANT everything. Now? I want us to be close, happy and I don't want to clean 6 bedrooms :)

    ps: have you seen the house yet?!!? what's the update? ;)

  5. Thanks! It's funny how priorities/wish lists change. Update coming soon!

  6. Yes, that's right. Buying a home can be stressful. You should expect a lot of problems along the way. But then the effort will all be worth it when you finally move in and decorate it according to what you want. :)