Sunday, January 15, 2012

Belly Kicks

I'm finding this pregnancy a lot more exciting at times because I have E to enjoy all the excitement and build-up with.

Sometimes he tells me he wants to kiss my belly or hold the baby or have a big belly of his own. When we ask him what he thinks of having a new baby he tells us he will sing rock-a-bye baby to them. And when we ask him if he wants a brother or sister he replies with , "a baby".

From these displays of affection you would think he understands what lies ahead. You would think that he is old enough to perhaps be unphased by these upcoming big changes. It does relieve a little stress knowing that he is open to sharing his little world with a sibling.

But when I called him from my bed for him to rush over to feel the baby kicking my belly, I was a little shocked by his response. As he jumped up and snuggled in close, he lifted his leg and with a mischievous grin asked, "Can I kick your belly too?"

Okay, so maybe he's still really too young to understand and has NO IDEA what's going on. Step away from Mommy's belly E, step away.


  1. Hehe super cute. We haven't started being able to feel Bean #2 yet but I talk to Silas (20m) about it. The other day I asked if he wanted a boy or a girl sibling and he said, "Um...gir" Well. If he knew what he was saying it was really cute. But I don't think he did ;) Congrats to you!

  2. HAHAHAH!!! That is hilarious!!!
    I love how their little minds are so literal!!
    The kicks were my favourite part!
    My son is very stern when it comes to the "thought" of another.
    He'll say "No Momma. It's just me"