Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Planning: Nursing Wear

When I read articles about the "necessities" for pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby I have to laugh. I was a first time Mom once and I believed them all (well except the ones that told me I need things like a wipe warmer, but I'll get back to that some time).  I wanted everything on those lists - to the exact number they listed (ie. 6-8 receiving blankets, etc). I am amazed with how much more relaxed and practical I have been with this pregnancy.  In keeping with my goal of minimizing stuff around here I am trying not to buy stuff that I can really do with out and will continue this while planning for our second baby.

Yes, we all know that breastfeeding is natural and all that I really need is a couple milk producing breasts, but in saying that, I believe that there are many products out there that sometimes just make life easier or more comfortable or less awkward. One of those for me is nursing wear.

I purchased a couple quality nursing bra's last time and will do the same again to make sure I have proper fitted ones.  I personally love comfortable cotton ones and one's especially for sleeping in. I've been eyeing a couple of really comfy looking ones from Nummies.

I got away with maybe two nursing tops throughout the whole time I nursed E (16 months). The rest of the time I wore t-shirts with tank tops underneath or v-neck shirts.  But you know what? Sometimes it was just awkward when trying to nurse in public and not wearing the best shirt to easily lift and load. Playgroups were never a problem, it was when I was out and about and not want to expose my belly or the rest of my body when trying to lift my shirt.  So, this time I am committing to buying some practical and fashionable nursing wear.  Afterall, I'll buy a dress for one wedding, why wouldn't I buy a nursing top that I can use often for 2+ years? I wish I would have thought of that last time around.

Here are some nursing wear pieces I've been eyeing these days:

I love the functionality of the Momzelle brand shirts.  Such a great brand and it's a bonus that the women who designed and started this buisness is a Canadian Mom.  Check out her video from when she was on Dragon's Den.
Momzelle Nursing V-Neck Tee

Momzelle Original Nursing Tank Top
There is a variety of styles that I am loving, but especially this one for fun.
Momzelle "I make milk. What's your superpower?" T-shirt
I'm a t-shirt, jeans and hoodie kind of girl, so I was also super excited to find this nursing hoodie from Boob.
Boob B-Warmer Nursing Hoodie
While these aren't neccessities I am looking to treat myself and add a few of these key pieces that I can mix and match and get plenty of use out of. See? Practical!

Do you have a favourite nursing top or other piece of clothing that you love/loved to wear while nursing?

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  1. My nursing tank was my favourite, hands-down. It kept my stomach covered in any situation. In fact I'm wearing it today, and I haven't breastfed in 9 months.