Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Christmas tradition we won't be doing this year

Remember last year when we took E to get pictures with Santa?

Yeah, that's certainly not happening this year. 

It's not that I'm completely opposed to the tradition (even though it's a huge money grabber). It's just that ever since Halloween this kid is not a fan of costumes. And he sees right through that man sitting in the big red chair - IT'S A COSTUME. He doesn't want any part of sitting on that stinky stranger's lap and I don't blame him one bit. It's a bit creepy handing your child over to a complete stranger anyways.

If E bought into the whole idea I'd probably be in line at the mall, but after last year's episode I knew it would have to be forced upon if I wanted to do it again. Losing my son's trust and watching him squirm and cry in Santa's arms just for an expensive 4x6 is not that important to me. No thank you.

I had already made up my mind before we had to pop into the mall last week. Children were lined up and I saw a baby crying on Santa's lap and it made me sad. Then E got a glimpse of Santa through the decorations and said, "No, Mommy, no costume!". That pretty much sealed the deal.  We'll be sticking to writing a letter to Santa again this year. We may or may not venture back to Santa's lap in the future, but only if he asks us to.


  1. It baffles me why parents force their children to do this! We visited Santa for the first time last year. My boys were 2.5 and 5.5. They just stood and had a quick chat with him and walked by. We left it completely up to them what they wanted to do. My sister had some Christmas photos taked of her 21 month old daughter...with Santa. Her photographer was genius and had my sister dress up as Santa! The photos were very cute. 'Santa' and my niece having a tea party. I am not sure we will even go to see Santa. If they ask, yes but if they don't I will not offer.

  2. lol, this made me giggle. Not the part about kids crying in santa's lap, but E's adamant "No mommy, no costume!" We saw a Santa this past weekend, and I tried to go stand next to him with A in my arms, but she was having none of it! I can't imagine what she would have done if I'd tried to stick her in his lap!!

  3. My dad always dressed up as Santa for us when we were kids...he would walk through the backyard of whichever house we were at on Christmas eve, then reappear like "polkaroo" and be very disapointed that he missed Santa AGAIN this year! I hope to carry on this tradition for our little S.
    I was planning on heading out to the mall to get S's first Santa pictures but now that I think of it...we should just figure out a way to take Santa pictures on Papa Dino's lap instead! It would be a lot cheaper, and the costume could be used year after year.