Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Hourly Photo Challenge 2011

Last year I participated in Miss Fish's photo challenge and had a blast so I had to try it again this year.  Here's a peek at our day...a photo every waking hour. Warning - they are a little E focused, but I couldn't help it!
10:00am - Let's go see what Santa left (he slept in because he is sick with a cold!)

11:00am - The boys didn't want my planned pancakes so I made Rudolph themed fried egg and toast sandwiches instead

12:00pm - Playing with his new train set!
1:00pm - Reading some new books.

2:00pm - Home from the park and enjoying the big snowflakes landing our noses.

3:00pm - Colouring instead of napping

4:00pm - Wrapping up the last couple salt dough ornaments that finally dried

5:00pm - Checking out Nanny's Christmas train

6:00pm - Putting in Nanny's basement

7:00pm - Yearly shot in front of Nanny's tree

8:00pm - E's bedtime snack

9:00pm - relaxing in front of the TV.

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