Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breastfeeding Support


If there's one thing I struggle with in my passions, it's my desire to educate and inform others around me and knowing my limitations. I am constantly battling and second guessing myself on whether I should step in and say something when I specific topic I am passionate about comes up or if I should just sit back and let the person figure it out on their own.  It's not that I am an expert in any certain field, but there are things that I am experienced in and knowledgeable about and can only wish others feel the same way or know the same things.  It's like anyone with any type of passion feels, I'm sure.

In saying that, I strongly believe that Mothers need to support each other more. Support can come in many ways.  I may not understand or have any experience in one Mother's struggles or decisions, but I will support her in any way I can. If a Mother asks me a question I will answer it honestly.  My struggle is finding the balance between supporting and educating. I don't want my opinions or knowledge to come off as "preachy", but at the same time there are things I strongly believe every Mother should be aware of and given the chance to know more about.  If a Mother never asks, how do I bring the topic up?  What if they are faced with a situation that I could have warned them about? What if I could help them have a successful breastfeeding relationship if I just spoke up?

My close friends and family know that I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding. It is one of my passions and something I am drawn to and love to support other Mothers with.  If I could, I would go around shouting facts and helpful tips on breastfeeding to new mothers from the mountains tops. I would run through the streets handing out every helpful book, pamphlet, or article on the topic. I would herd Mothers into breastfeeding clinics, La Leche Meetings and Lactation Consultants offices.  Instead I try to help when asked, try to educate when given an opportunity, and blog (thank you blog!) my thoughts, hoping that this information crosses the right people at the right time.

I plan to write more about breastfeeding in my space here on the web.  I am not currently nursing (E weaned just over a year ago), but I will be nursing again when baby #2 is due to arrive in May 2012. I am currently in my element as I support a friend who is nursing her 2 week old and just getting into the groove of things. Ah, I remember those days! I look forward to her text messages and emails everyday.  I'm not sure if there is more of trained or professional future for me in breastfeeding support and awareness, but it is something that I have had in the back of my mind for some time now.  All I know for now is that when I get an email or text message back from friends saying that a small adjustment or tip I suggested made an immediate positive difference in their breastfeeding experience then I go to sleep much happier those nights.


  1. I LOVE BREASTFEEDING!!! S "eats at mommy's" and I plan that she will for a long time yet.

    There are so many breastfeeding myths out there and it is unfortunate that they all support the reasons that many women choose not to continue breastfeeding. I truly believe that most of these myths out there were created by doctors and other mothers who were trying to make a breastfeeding mother feel better about deciding not to brestfeed. How many women have you heard say that they just didn't produce enough milk? (I think this may be the #1 myth of brestfeeding) True...not all women are fortunate enough to have an abundance of milk on day 3 of their infants life but it's supply and demand! The solution if not to stick a bottle of formula in their mouth...it's to feed on demand so that your body can do what it is designed to do, the milk will come in (with the right latch of course) and you will have more than enough milk to feed you baby.

    I was told that S was not getting enough milk either but it was because she had a tongue tie and not because I didn't have enough milk...fortunately I am educated about brestfeeding and I saw an amazing lactation consultant at a drop in clinic who educated me about tongue ties and we were able to correct the problem before our breastfeeding experience was sabotaged by the many myths that are out there.

    You should do a mythbuster article Alicia!

  2. Good, I will email you when I am breastfeeding again...lol! Here's a great post about how to support our friends/family (I know it's related to birth, but it could be anything we have really strong opinions about): http://mamabirth.blogspot.com/2011/10/letting-your-best-friend-have-bad-birth.html

  3. Thanks Krista - you know I could talk to you all day on the topic :) And for a really great myth buster - check out this one by an Ottawa LC: http://blog.nurturedchild.ca/index.php/2011/01/30/the-truth-behind-common-breastfeeding-myths/

    Thanks for the link Misty! A really great read that I needed to read :)