Thursday, December 22, 2011

17 weeks

It's been a while since I've written about my pregnancy so I think I'm due for an update.

The first trimester seemed to have dragged on forever, but now I'm looking back and thinking holy cow I'm almost half way there!  I can't really complain about how I'm feeling these days. I've been pretty lucky, although I've felt much more nauseous with this pregnancy than the last. I can't help but compare every little detail of my pregnancies. There are so many things that are different this time. Just to name a few...
  • Food in general just doesn't appeal to me. When I was pregnant with E I wanted to eat everything in sight (other than a bit of an aversion to red meat in the beginning), but this time around nothing sounds good and I don't ever feel like eating anything in particular. I am really struggling with making nice meals because I know when I sit down to eat and get a couple bites into my meal I will be done with it.  This is happening more often than not and it is really unlike me.
  • Gagging. Oh, the gagging. I never had this with E and wow, is it ever an inconvenience! I can hardly brush my teeth without gagging at least three times.  This always makes me feel horrible in the morning.  Smells and even thoughts can set me off too.
  • Baby kicks and growing belly.  I have felt the fluttering sensations for a few weeks now, but last week I started feeling full on kicks from baby. With E I didn't feel anything until 21 weeks so it has come much quicker this time (and I knew what I was looking for). My belly has officially popped, again much quicker than last time.  Oh, how I loved pulling out my stretchy maternity pants!
  • Baby's heart rate has been consistently around the 160's bpm.  E's was always around 120-150 bpm. Maybe it's a girl?
  • I am still much more exhausted and recently I'm having a hard time going to sleep. I don't remember having any sleep issues with E. Headaches are constant lately because of my lack of sleep.
Last week I got a call from my midwife's office that my urine sample showed that I had an unhealthy amount of bacteria in my bladder and the beginnings of a urinary tract infection. I am lucky to have not even known because I didn't have any symtoms, but really glad they caught it. I just finished seven days of antibiotics and hope it worked! I have never had an UTI before, but I know they are common in early pregnancy.

I have to admit, although I am not feeling as great this time around, having a toddler to share this experience with trumps it all. Seriously, how can you not laugh and enjoy these moments while your little boy is walking around with his shirt up telling you he has a baby in his belly or telling you to be careful around his belly so you don't hurt his baby? It has been so much fun with him so far.

In the next couple weeks I will be having another midwife appointment and my 19 week ultrasound (where we will NOT be finding out the sex). I plan to discuss my option of home birth with my midwife further at this time because it is something I am now seriously considering (and have discussed with Hubby) and have many questions about. I'm also looking forward to bringing E and have him listen to the heartbeat in the relaxed atmosphere (have I mentioned how much I love having a midwife this time?).

Also, on the agenda in the coming weeks is some belly shots. I haven't taken one yet! With my first pregnancy I had Hubby take a picture of me every 2-4 weeks and I even made a scrapbook. I'm really slacking this time! Hopefully we can get a nice family shot on Christmas day and build on that.

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  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling sicker this time around. Find the foods that work for you, and stick to those! Sounds like a girl to me :)