Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Family Craft

E is really into make-believe and puppet-type play these days.  He will frequently come to us holding two toys, handing one over and while wiggling the other toy around ask, "Who are you?".  While I hold a cow and he holds a sheep, we can go from being astronauts to hockey players to farmers to just plain ol' cows and sheep again.  He loves acting out the conversations and I like to try to make them as silly as possible.

I love following his lead when it comes to his current interests.  Puppets are now definitely on his Christmas wish list. But in the meantime, I wanted to find a creative way to expand on this. I've been keeping a lot of recyclables in a big craft bin, including a stack of toilet paper rolls.  The inspiration from this craft came from one I saw on Pinterest. How cute would it be to make believe with little craft versions of ourselves? With only a small list of supplies, you can make one too!

Toilet Paper Roll Family

Fabric or felt
Yarn or other embellishments

Our Toilet Paper Roll Family
What do you think?

Thanks to my Mom for letting me raid her bins of fabrics last time I was visiting.  And props to E for some great gluing and wardrobe decisions.  He decided we were all to wear jeans to start.  And he picked Hubby one styling shirt and that brown belt really finishes the outfit.  Cowgirl Mommy is looking pretty in her glue stained silk shirt and E decided he wanted to be dressed in just plain blue.  I was happy to dig out a picture of the dog too. Our family is complete (for now - we'll need to add a baby roll in May).

This family craft was made for the Kids Create! Kids in the Capital November Craft Carnival. It's really easy to join in the carnival - so check it out! It has given me a great excuse to dig in and get creative with E. Stay tuned to Kids in the Capital for my next post, re-capping this month's crafts and announcing December's theme!

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