Saturday, November 19, 2011

This week I'm grateful for...

Amanda from Let's Take the Metro started a Gratitude post link-up every Saturday. She writes, "I'm writing a weekly post to express gratitude for everything I have been blessed with in my life. Will you join me in sharing just five things you are grateful for this week?" So here I am reminding myself to be grateful.

1. A new nephew! And I get to go see him this weekend! A safe and healthy delivery for my SIL is also something to be grateful for.  That makes 2 girls and then 6 boys in a row for my parents grandchildren so far. 3 more babies are currently cooking...

2. A cleaner house.  Notice how I didn't say clean? It's just cleaner...that's all.

3. Another cute baby boy born to my friend yesterday. And sweet cuddles enjoyed at the hospital last night.  So grateful for being able to support her, but most of all so proud and happy for her.

4.  Hubby flying home tonight. Even though I said things may be easier around the house when's he gone, life in general is better when he is around.  Looking forward to our back-to-normal-craziness and a new outlook.

5. A jam packed day consisting of a bridal shower for a friend, wedding dress shopping with my best friend and an evening with my Mom and sisters for my Mom's birthday. Can't wait!


  1. Wow, what an amazing week!! That's a lot of new life magic in your world. How wonderful.

  2. Via NaBloPoMo -

    It seems your thankful for new beginnings! There's nothing like the birth of a child or the start of a new life together to put things in perspective.

  3. Jealous of all the babies. Admiring of the fact that you find things easier when your husband is away - it turns me into a basket case.