Wednesday, November 16, 2011


After hearing the name Sasha come up again and again while E is playing with his toys, I decided to ask some questions.

Who is Sasha? My friend.

Is Sasha a boy or girl? A little boy.
Where does he live? At the farm with Grandpa.
What do you do together? We count on the puter.
When do you play with him? 6 firty.
Where did you meet him? At the hospital and the restaurant.

Where is he now? He is at the restaurant, Lonestar.
What's he doing there? He is playing there.
Is he coming to our house? At 6.

There was no hesitation in his answers. Straight up facts. So, is it safe to say that since I have never met or heard of a Sasha in E's life that perhaps my 2.5 year old has an imaginary friend?


  1. I think that is a good bet. Sasha sounds like a good friend! Woo had one at that age too, he went away after a while. Course now he just gets his sister to play the roles (you be the teacher, I'll be the student, you be bob, I'll be sue...) so that could explain his friend moving on!

  2. I always love to think of imaginary friends as our children's angels who are watching over them :) Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

  3. My son had two imaginary friends - Gobo and Amby. Then Amby got cancer and died. I kid you not. He was beyond distraught and in my head I was all "why did you kill him then?"

  4. I think he just might. We have a lot of imaginary characters in our house but no imaginary friends yet!

  5. I always wanted my kids to have imaginary friends - it seems so cool. Angus had someone called "Spiderman Brother" who he was always yelling at and Eve usually had someone called "Sweetie" that featured in her long make-believe dramas, but nothing that we could really call a friend with a proper name and personality traits.