Friday, November 18, 2011

My Pregnancy Checklist - #2 maybe not?

I’m crossing off a list I made last year of things I would do differently with my second pregnancy. Last week, I talked about crossing #1 off my list.

I’m not sure why I was so set on this one a year ago, but I really don’t feel the same right now. 

"#2 - I will find out the sex. We kept little E's sex a secret, but we both strongly felt he was going to be a boy. It was important for me to keep it a secret for our first child, but the suspense nearly killed Hubby. I don't know why but I don't think we can do it again!"
We gathered enough gender neutral things last time that I can’t see why we can’t use them again.  Otherwise, why else do I need to know? I don’t need any more baby stuff that would need to be gender specific.  Even though we were both pretty convinced that E was a boy we packed a gender-neutral outfit for the hospital just in case. Maybe I would pack a cute little girly one this time,  just in case. 

The thing is I thought I would be really anxious to find out if we were having a girl this time. Turns out I’m not that interested in knowing.  Having another boy sounds just as exciting.

Another funny thing happened this week. Hubby’s Grandma asked me if I was going to find out this time.  This is the same woman that asked and asked and asked when I was pregnant with E.  The constant asking was clearly her way of trying to sway me into breaking and finding out, but I stood my ground.  When I hesitantly responded this week, telling her I’m thinking of keeping it a surprise again, she responded with a, “That’s nice. It will be nice to have a surprise again”. Wow, I couldn’t believe it. No rhyming off of the pros to finding out the sex! So that pretty much sealed the deal for me.  I think. I'm not sure if Hubby can hold out.

…to be continued.


  1. I didn't find out for both. I loved the surprise. DH wanted to find out for the first. He tried daily to convince me to go get a scan. We had access to an ultrasound machine at work. But I stood my ground. He was so happy, in the end, that we didn't fine out. That said, whether you find out or not I am pretty sure it doesn't change anything in the long term;)

  2. I'm unsure about this one too. We didn't find out the first time, but all of our clothes were donated from a cousin, and they're all REALLY PINK. So I'm half wondering whether I should find out the sex, just so I can decide whether to get rid of all the pink stuff :) Personally, I love surprises!! As a doula it's so much fun to see the parents find out!

  3. I only have one daughter, but I couldn't even consider waiting to find out. It does sound like fun, but I wanted to know. I was glad I did becasue I was convinced she was a boy and would have kept calling her "him" during the pregnancy. Actually I had a dream before we found out where my baby said, "I'm a girl!!"
    I'm glad you're getting more support this time. I hope hubby holds out!

  4. You're pregnant! Yay! Congratulations!

    We didn't find out both times. My husband was fine with it, and only one person said "that's so unnatural!" which I found hilarious. I get why people wanted to know, and I actually DID kind of want a girl the second time, but then once she was out I forgot to ask what it was. Urg.

  5. I actually really wanted to wait for the surprise, but my husband wanted to know. So while at a family gathering, with lots of witnesses, we had a rock, paper, scissors showdown. I won!! A magical moment it was peering up to see my new baby boy when he finally arrived. The deal was though, that whoever lost the first time would get to choose with baby 2. So now that we're expecting again my husband is pretty pleased with himself:) Congrats!!