Thursday, November 3, 2011

A classic dairy allergy

At the end of September, we had a follow-up appointment at CHEO for E's dairy allergy. We were referred to the Gastroenterology clinic because all of his symptoms have been gastro related.

The Doctor confirmed that everything I have done thus far is correct. Trusting my gut and eliminating dairy from his diet completely and stopping the "trials" was the right decision.  We had blood tests done and they confirmed that he is in fact allergic to dairy. She called it a "classic" allergy, although there is still a slight chance that he may grow out of it until about 5 years old.  I'm not even thinking about that anymore.

We are lucky E's symptoms are not anaphylatic or life threatening. But they do cause him discomfort and who wants to see their child in pain?  I'm very strict with the foods that E eats and I am extremely lucky that his day care provider is so accommodating.  It's our extra help, like family, that I need to keep a close eye on. If you have never had to live through an allergy, you don't think to double check the ingredients of every package and this is something we need to do.  The first thing I did was email and talk to those who watch him periodically to explain the findings and listed the ingredients to watch out for. It gave me piece of mind that they are now informed and it helped them understand a little bit more.

We've come this far and dairy is no longer something I crave for him. We have adopted a healthy diet otherwise and he is a strong healthy boy. If anything, I was happy leaving that appointment.  Someone finally agreed with me. We finally got answers. We can move on.

My lesson to new parents out there? Keep asking questions. Don't take no for an answer. You know your child best.

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  1. Poor thing! We went through that with Kiernan (although he outgrew the soy and dairy issue around 2) and also with the twins, but I eliminated dairy and soy from my diet two months before they were even born so they never went through the horrible relentless pain of it all and then they outgrew it at 1.
    I totally agree - trust your gut. MANY people told me it couldn't possibly be dairy. Doctors had no idea soy is practically the same as dairy so totally likely to be bad too.
    I'm glad you have an answer!

  2. Hooray for answers!! We also recently braved the blood tests and got some answers. I knew what the results would be but others did not take us seriously. I think for many food allergies force us to eat much better;)

  3. A. had reflux, and we suspected a dairy and/or soy allergy, so I did an elimination diet. I only lasted a week though...I truly suck at cutting it out completely. She now eats cheese and yogurt, and seems fine, but I'm still curious to know if I could have improved things if I'd just had a little more willpower!! :) Glad to hear you trusted your gut (no pun intended!)

  4. The blood test must have been a nice confirmation for you, and now you can proceed knowing you did the right thing.