Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our little hockey commentator

Yesterday, I posted a picture of my darling E soaking up his Daddy's hockey game.  It was the first game we had taken him to this season - a perfectly scheduled weekend afternoon game rather than the usual late night games that Hubby plays.

He sat and watched and pretty much stayed in the same position for almost the entire game (except maybe the last 10 minutes while he explored the stands in the arena). He's been to many games before as Hubby has always been an avid player. He also attends my ball hockey, softball and soccer games and has watched Hubby come in on the 18th hole many times on the golf course.  But it never ceases to amaze me how a child so young can be so consumed with what he is watching.  He pays such close attention and watches specific plays.  He with no doubt will be an athlete like his parents.

This particular game was very exciting for him. He is much older now and understands the game a lot more than last year. We got there early and picked out the perfect seats right against the glass. He watched the goalie's warm-up and commented on the really, really hard shots and the other players skating really, really fast. He pointed out the numbers on the jerseys (although everyone was number 64 according to him) and we talked about the colours of the jerseys.  We talked about the different sounds - like the loud whistles and the sound of the puck hitting the boards.  He could pick out his Daddy from across the ice and smiled every time he did. He loved watching the Zamboni come out and clean the ice.  Who says a hockey game isn't educational?

We enjoyed dinner with our friend's and headed home and to my surprise E fell asleep in the car. He must have been really worn out from the concentration he had on the game. So to bed early, he went.

Then 4am came and I heard my little man calling for me.

I'm awake, Mommy! I'm done sleeping!

We welcomed him into our bed and assured him it was still night time and to go back to sleep.  But he couldn't sleep. No, he had way to much on his mind! And so for the next hour until 5am...this is what we listened to:

Daddy skate really fast AND THEN he shoot the puck. It go BANG. It hit the boards. The Zamboni cleans the ice. Daddy number 64. He wears a jersey. Daddy's jersey blue and orange.  Daddy skate really fast AND THEN, AND THEN he shoot the puck AND THEN Mommy and (E) watch Daddy play hockey. He shoot the puck really, really hard. The goalie STOPPED the puck. I bring my hockey stick. I bring my puck. Daddy brings his hockey stick. What else, Mommy? What else Daddy bring? Daddy bring his puck too ANNNNDDD his equipment ANNNDDDD Daddy bring his helmet ANNNDDD bring his skates. Where's my hockey skates? I wanna wear MY hockey skates!

Hubby and I at times we gasping for air. We couldn't hide our laughter.  This child sounded possessed! The AND THEN's are what really got me.  He was barely taking a breathe between each play-by-play. It was as if we were at the game and he was commentating it.  He was so excited to tell us all about his experience and we didn't stop him.  It went on and on and on like this until he finally settled down and fell back asleep for another 5 hours (bless his little heart).

We learned two new important parenting lessons that night...
1 - Don't let E go to bed before talking about the eventful day to avoid the early morning wake-up aftermath and
2 - Take him to a hockey game if you really want to wear him out.

P.S. Remember that really funny clip from Dude, where's my car? with Aston Kutcher when the Chinese drive through lady keeps repeating And theeeeeennnn? It was kind of like that - hilarious but annoying at the same time.

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  1. This is priceless! You'll be so happy you documented this for him too! Great post!