Sunday, October 30, 2011

The making of a spider costume

My Mom rarely purchased us a costume-in-a-bag. They were really pricey when we were growing up and even if you factor in the $19.99 deals you can get now - multiplying that by the 6+ of us going out that night makes for a very expensive Halloween. What we did instead was created our costume using things from the dress-up box or my Mom actually sewed something together and sometimes purchased a mask or accessory to complete the look. Costumes were then passed down years and years. It put the fun into Halloween - piecing together the perfect outfit to play the part. I totally want to be that Mom helping my child put to together their vision for the perfect costume.

I always love going through our family photo albums.  It usually turns into a huge laugh-fest, especially our group Halloween shots.  Last year for Thanksgiving I went through all the Halloween pictures, pulled them out and put together an album.  It ranged from my oldest siblings in the 70's to the youngest group in the late 90's.  Man, did we laugh. Here are some that I'm in:

An old lady

A white cat
Minnie Mouse
A witch
For E's first two Halloween's I caved and bought a costume-in-a-bag. He was an elephant the first year and a horse last year.  This year we asked him what he wanted to be. First he decided on a lion, then a bat, then it was a pirate or maybe a hockey player...but he always came back to a SPIDER. So a spider it was.  I could TOTALLY make a spider.

I picked some supplies at Dollarama, Michael's Crafts and Value Village. A black toque ($1.00), eye balls ($1.99), 2 packages of black socks ($4.00), a red sleeveless shirt ($1.99), black hair elastic bands ($1.00), safety pins ($1.00 ) and a spider web cape ($1.00 ) which all came to under $12.00.

I hope I can get some better pictures tomorrow night, but these will do for now.

I'm pretty happy with how the costume turned out and well, you can see how thrilled E is to be a "spooky spider".


  1. You've got to love the old family photos! So great! A is too young to know what she wants to be, but I think next year I'm going to need to get creative!

  2. That's awesome! I always feel a little dirty when I go the store-bought route, which I often have because I can't sew to save my life. We always jury-rigged stuff when I was a kid too. I also love bad pun costumes (one year I taped a piece of notebook paper to my shirt and draped fake spider web all over myself to be a web page - I know, I kill me.)