Tuesday, October 11, 2011

His first best friend

E has a best friend at day care. In the morning to speed him up, promises of seeing his friend always makes him move faster.  He asks if he can bring one of his toys from home to share and play with him and as soon as I park the car at day care he asks me if I can see him. 

Mrs. X (his day care provider) tells me that they have really bonded the last few weeks.  They play lovely together and follow each other around, always looking out for each other and asking for one another when one isn’t around. It could possibly be the cutest thing ever when I see them together and it makes me so happy to see how much he enjoys his friend's company.  

His friend usually arrives at day care first and greets him at the door with squeals of excitement, but this morning I dropped E off and his best buddy was just entering the house too.  They took their shoes off together and then E stood up and pressed his nose to his friend's face and asked, “Do you wanna play downstairs wif me?” And off they ran. 

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