Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Leaves: Garland and Cookies

To play along with the “Leaves” theme this month with the Kids in the Capital craft carnival, E and I made some garland to hang in the house to celebrate Autumn.

We gathered some leaves from the park and I traced them onto construction paper. Then E coloured the pieces of paper with his crayons. I cut the leaves out and one-hole punched the top of each leaf.  Then, using his superb hand-eye coordination, E strung the leaves onto the twine (this was both fun and frustrating for him, but he was very proud of himself). When he finished we hung the garland on the wall in our dining room.

Leaf garland

I really love how it looks. I think we will need to change it with every season and celebration now.

We also made some leaf stamped peanut butter cookies this month. Instead of pressing the top of the cookies with a fork like we usually do, we used two different leaf shaped cut-outs that I used earlier in the month for my apple pie crusts. Rather than pushing the shapes all the way down like a cookie cutter, we simply imprinted the shape on the top of the cookies. E had fun rolling the balls of dough and flattening them out, too.  We made larger than normal cookies to fit the cut-outs - E loved the big cookies! It's always fun baking with a toddler. Measuring, mixing, rolling, cutting, watching through the oven window and taking that first bite - each step is that much more exciting!

Leaf cookies
Did you make any "Leaves" crafts this month or have you made any in the past with your children that you would like to share? There's still one day left to link-up!


  1. Both are fabulous! Fun and great ideas!

  2. I love the idea of changing it every season. We have a felt garland in the basement but it collects a lot of dust

  3. Agh. This is the kind of thing I always think of doing when the season in question has just passed.