Thursday, September 29, 2011

"You Are Loved" Children's Scrapbook

I've been wanting to make E his own little photo album since he was an infant.  One of his favourite first books was a board book of baby faces. I loved seeing his reaction to their facial expressions and listen to his squeals of delight with each page turned.  As he grows older he loves pointing out and naming the people in pictures on our walls and going through his baby albums.  As much as I love showing him his photo albums, I've put a lot of work into making them nice and I want them to last many years.  I decided to make him his own photo album filled with friends and family and that he can hold and love all he wants.

"You Are Loved" Children's Scrapbook


Package of heart shaped cardboard
A binder ring
Scrapbook paper
Mod podge
One-hole punch

I picked up most of my supplies at Michaels Craft Store and also had some on hand already from previous projects.

The first step was to trace the hearts and cut out the scrapbook paper. Next we mod podged the paper onto each side of the hearts.  After the paper was set I cut out the pictures of E's loved ones to size.  Loved ones include his parents, grandparents, cousins and godparents.  I have so many more hearts to make in the future to include his aunts, uncles, friends and day care provider too! The pictures were mod podged onto the hearts and then I let E loose with his stickers.  Well, kind of.  He would have preferred to put a sticker on top of each persons face, but we came to an agreement that on each of their shirts would suffice.  I was really proud of him for picking the stickers out for each page.  He surprised me by picking stickers of tractors for his farmer Grandpa which was really cute.

Once he was happy with all of his sticker selections I trimmed the edges of the hearts to cut off any excess scrapbook paper.  Next I one-hole punch the top of each heart and attached the binder ring.

Ta da! A quick and easy scrapbook for E that he can enjoy and wear out as much as he wants. It currently sits on our coffee table and I have been enjoying watching him pick it up and recite everyone's names and the stickers they are "wearing" on their shirts. He is so proud of his very own photo album of the people that love him so dearly.

This post was created in participation with Dionna at Code Name: Mama and Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children's "Families, Create!" Carnival. This month's theme is Friends and Family.


  1. Officially on my 'to do' list once my thesis is dne!

  2. ooo you're very crafty! Can you come and do one for my daughter? lol It looks great!

  3. Love it! I did something similar when my oldest was little. The two that followed weren't so lucky. ;)

  4. Oh, what a beautiful idea! I'd love to make something like this with/for my son. Thanks for the tutorial!