Monday, September 12, 2011

So much fun together

E is on the mend from his bout with croup last week.  Today was his last day home with me before we get back to our regular routine.  I would have sent him to day care today if it was only based on his croup symptoms. His cough has almost diminished and he is only left to beat a runny nose. But from either the medications or the lack of a proper diet since he had such a poor appetite, he became constipated all week.  This morning he was in pain and extremely cranky and I couldn't drop him off in the state he was.  Thankfully, late this morning he cleared that hurdle and I got my happy little boy back.

It was a really busy weekend for us.  Too many commitments, too much running around. I became frustrated too many times. E was cranky and testing my limits. I could feel myself losing my patience one too many times. Today, was just what I needed and maybe E knew that.

This afternoon we headed out for some sunshine at the park. Essential items today (because they are different everyday) included our dog, a ball for the dog, a ball for E and a mini hockey stick.  We wore the dog out first on the grass and while he grunted and laid on his side from exhaustion, we headed to the tennis courts where E likes to practice his slap shots and stick handling (no joke).  After a lot of passing and a couple scraped elbows we headed to the play ground.  The play structure is meant for 5-8 year old's. E is completely fearless and instead of taking the stairs he climbs up the monkey bars and it freaks me right out, but I don't let him know that. I let him go ahead, staying near in case he slips. Up and down the slides doesn't seem like it will ever get old, but soon enough we headed to the swings.

Our park just got brand new baby swings and he is excited to try out "the new black ones". He asks me to push him really high. As high as the clouds he says.  "Higher, Mommy, higher!" he says as I push him as high as I am comfortable with. It gets to the point where the swing has a little jump to it at it's highest point.  Too risky for my liking, but he asks to go higher still.  We see three different airplanes fly over us and he wants to reach up and touch them.

Soon the swings are old news and we start to head back.  We grab the dog and pick up our toys.  To get him moving I ask him to race me to the gate of the park. He lasts maybe five steps and falls down dramatically to show off how exhausted he is.  He yells for me to stop and I come back to pick him up.  He walks beside me closely and in silence.  As we near the exit to the park he pipes up and says, "Mommy?". Yes, honey, I reply. "Mommy, we have so much fun together, right Mommy?".

A combination of the most well spoken and heartfelt sentence I have ever heard my 28 month child say and the end of a trying week caught me so off guard. I leaned down and wrapped my arms around my baby boy and squeezed him like I have never squeezed him before. 

Yes, buddy. Yes, we do.


I'm joining Capital Mom today by blogging about a moment from my life based on a theme she has provided. This week’s Monday Moment theme is Arms.


  1. that is the cutest story ever! brings tears to my eyes.

  2. That sounds like a great, and much needed, day!

  3. They say the best things just when you need it! Frustration is so normal after you've been stuck together for days, especially when the little one is sick!

  4. So sweet. Even in the most trying times they can just melt your heart.