Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Accept and Change


I have a hard time accepting things that I don't agree with or feel comfortable with.  They may be well out of my reach, but I still feel like they must change.  I guess you could say I lack serenity. Not being able to accept unfavourable situations leaves me stressed. My mind is never quiet - always thinking of how I can change it or fix it or how it should be.  In my mind, if something is broken - you fix it.  You don't suck it up and deal with broken down parts and you don't leave it for dead. You make it right. But sometimes these things are out of my control and I need to learn to accept the things I can not change.

My strength lies in my courage to change things that I can.  I can change my outlook. I can change my unhappiness into happiness. I can change many things to help me through these tough situations. It is tough and it is a battle and my courage can only take me so far.

My wisdom to know the difference seems cloudy. Can I change these things or do I need to accept them?  Do I put up with it or stop it? It's a constant back and forth.

I think too much about how it "should be". Says who? I think it is from my upbringing and Catholic roots. His way or the highway. I am slowly learning that there is no perfect right way and wrong way to living. What I need to concentrate on is how I can make things work for me and my family, rather than how a family "should be".  It is constantly at the back of my mind and in my dreams.  Dreaming of the perfect life isn't going to take me anywhere.  Accepting the things I can't change and changing the things I can't accept, will. Onwards and upwards.

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  1. Ah, acceptance. We humans are not designed to accept very well. But to attain any kind of peace or happiness, I think it is necessary. Still working on it over here too :o)