Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer is almost over!

Summer of Awesome, hosted by Turtlehead

I love reading what others are doing for their Summer of Awesome. Summer is now half-way over and we're running out of free weekends, but I was happy to check off some of my activities on my original list while I was on holidays at the end of July.

To start it off, E and I spent a lovely morning at Mud Lake and I blogged about that here.

The three of us made a trip to Calypso one morning. E loved the wave pool and the lazy river, but we didn't venture too far from the toddler area. He especially loved the water hoses and going down the water slides. He was so brave by the end of the morning...running to the top and pushing himself down. I think it would be an awesome place to go with a group of friends so I can try out the big slides and relax in a private cabana.

We tried out a new park and splash pad at Brewer Park. I can't believe we hadn't been there before. That park is amazing! E had a blast running from one play structure to the next and of course splashing around in the water on the hot, hot day. I even got completely soaked after a child aimed the water gun at the top of the splash pad at my back after I asked him not to. E was scared of the gun and I turned my back for a brief second to help him down the slide. Then bam! the little devil got me and chuckled while I ran out of the way. Not funny.

We checked out the Canadian Museum of Nature for the first time too. We went on a Thursday evening, when admission is free and the museum was packed! I had to park the stroller and let E wander to get through the crowds when we first got there. But nearing closing time it was much calmer and he was able to get up close and personal with the dinosaurs, polar bears and fish. His favourite part was climbing all the stairs, pushing all the buttons in the bird section to listen to all the different noises and playing in the boat.

E and I went to a friend's cottage for four days with some of my best friends and had an amazing and relaxing time. No cell phone reception = stress free. E waded in the lake from the time he woke up until bed time, only emerging for meals. And we made some pretty amazing meals and had lots of laughs. We swam out into the lake and E drove his little blow-up boat. We rowed the life boat together. He jumped off the dock again and again (into waiting arms). We tried to catch fish. We sang lots of songs (he seemed to have a new song to sing everyday, all day). And the best part - we slept in a tent. It was my first time "camping" with him and he was in heaven. I really want to do this again before the summer is over.

For the Civic holiday long weekend we went home to visit my family. It is the weekend of a big annual family ball tournament and happens to be THE weekend to be on Wolfe Island. We couldn't get enough players for my family's team this year so I played with my Mom's side the family and we won the B division! The following day we had our family reunion and E had so much fun playing with all of his cousins. A trampoline, bouncy castle, water balloons and kiddie pool - what more could a kid ask for? He also had a blast exploring the farm and testing out each of the tractors. That evening I was able to sneak out to a bbq at a friends cottage. We organized a reunion for everyone in our Grade 8 class. It was a blast catching-up with everyone that could make it.

This past weekend we visited with friends and family in Kingston.  We got to see all the huge boats for the Poker Run at the waterfront with friends and E had fun visiting with my sister at the park, visiting my brother at the market, and visiting with my friend and her daughter at an indoor playground while it rained.

Almost over and still so much to explore!

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  1. Man, you have had an eventful summer! And the Family Reunion sounds like it was a freakin' carnival!