Thursday, August 11, 2011

Potty Training: What the experts DON'T tell you

This is only the beginning of our potty training adventure.  1 month down.  I'm sure I'll have much more to add as our journey continues, but here are some of the top things that the SO-CALLED experts DID NOT tell me:

1. You may become obsessed. You will live and breathe for the next time your child needs to relieve themselves.  Watching them in the corner of your eye, listening to their grunting noises, constantly watching their body language. Obsessed.

2. You may risk getting a parking ticket or being towed for fear of your child soiling their last pair of shorts in their car seat.

3. You may need to enter really sketchy places in really weird neighbourhoods because your child is crying in the back seat that they HAVE TO GO PEE! You may need to run down the street with child in arms, reminding them to HOLD IT!

4. You may rush around too much, especially in and out of the car in a desperate attempt to get to a bathroom. You may drop and lock your keys in the car and then wander around like an idiot wondering what you are going to do since your Hubby is out of town with the only other set of keys. 

5. You may have to help your little boy "aim".

6. Your feet may get peed on. Your lap may get peed on.  Your hands may get peed on.

7. You may get overly excited when your child performs. You may sing and dance for pee and jump up and down for poo.

8. At this stage and in less than 3 years your brain functions will have changed drastically.  You will have gone from "Baby Brain" during your pregnancy to "Mommy Brain" once your baby is born to your current "Potty Brain".

That's right, I have Potty Brain. HELP!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. We are attempting to start potty training my son but he has been very hot and cold on the whole potty thing. :)