Friday, August 12, 2011

Potty Training: 1 month many to go?

It's been a month since I started potty training E. I decided to start the second week of July when things weren't so crazy.  By that time, the readiness signs I had been watching were pretty evident - he was SO ready.

I went out and purchased a couple packs of underwear.  Little size two Thomas the Train and Diego underwear on my little baby's butt are simply irrestible.

I started on a weekend and decided to have him go pants free.  We have hardwoods floors so messes are easy to clean up. He got a hang of it pretty quickly and told me MOST of the time if he had to pee, but SOMETIMES I would catch him watching a puddle develop on the floor in front of him, after which he would proclaim, "I'M PEEING, MOMMY!" For number twos - he always told me he had to go while he started pushing and grunting. Actually number twos is how he started, which apparently is a good thing and what most parents have a problem with once number ones are established.

The next full week he was at day care wearing pull-ups.  I didn't really want to use pull-ups, but Mrs. X thought it was the best way, and the way she did it with the rest of the boys until they are absolutely ready for underwear full-time.   I can understand that it's hard for her to catch him all the time.  (Side-note: I keep kicking myself for not switching to cloth diapers). That week was a bit different.  He told her SOMETIMES for number ones and NEVER for number twos.  So her strategy was to take him to the potty often.

Week 2 and 3 he was home with me while he was on holidays from day care and I took vacation time from work. He spent a lot of time in his swim suit and would USUALLY tell me if he had to go.  I didn't use pull-ups at all - only underwear when we were out and about or naked at home. I learned some great lessons and overall he did really well with me and was only wearing diapers to bed.

He was back at day care for the last week, wearing pull-ups.  I understand this might be confusing him, but I don't really have a choice.  He seemed to be regressing a bit. NEVER telling Mrs. X that he had to go, she was constantly asking him to go and putting him on the toilet. He was also forgetting to tell me at home and was waiting til the last minute.  Sometimes I could/can tell he is holding one in, but by the time we get to the toilet he can't hold it any longer and either pees on the floor or on me.

This week has been a bit better. He still isn't telling us as much as I know he is capable of, but I think it is just taking some getting used to the two different locations - home and day care and the two different enforcers - Mrs. X and myself. It can sometimes be hard to not show my feelings of disappointment when he  has an accident, but I'm trying to stay positive for both of us.

So we are a month in and I think I may need to up the anty. I don't really want to get into a habit of rewarding him with candy - is there healthier ways?  Stickers don't seem to be a hot enough commodity.  Maybe a sticker chart would work.  Any suggestions?


  1. Did you figure anything else from a reward perspective? Ev currently gets a jelly bean (yes one) for having a "no bite/hit" day at's been working for months now, but we want to get off the candy...but like you say stickers aren't enough.

  2. A fellow blogger suggested a Dora downloadable calendar. E loves it and he gets to put a sticker on it each time he goes on the potty. So the stickers are working - who knew?!