Sunday, August 14, 2011

Homemade Chocolate Peppermint Patties

Hubby and I are celebrating six years married. Six freakin' years! So I, like I do every year, looked up what the traditional and modern anniversary gift themes were. 

6th Year Anniversary
Traditional - Candy
Modern - Iron

Iron would be the perfect gift choice if I had a budget to purchase Hubby a new set of irons for his golf bag, but that certainly wasn't happening.  So candy it was because, really, it's OUR anniversary so we should BOTH enjoy the gift, right? And besides, I'm a traditional kind of gal.

Whenever we went go to the movie theatre, Hubby's treat of choice is Junior Mints or if he grabs a treat at the corner store he'll grab a Peppermint Pattie.  So, I looked to my latest obsession, Pinterest, to give me some ideas and I found a few different recipes.  I decided on this one - Homemade Peppermint Patties - which produced A LOT (I made mine slightly larger than a toonie and produced 6 dozen!).


I made so many that I spread the wealth with some family and friends too. They were a huge hit at a friend's bachelorette party and my friend's made me feel like Martha Stewart, accentuating that they were, gasp, HOMEMADE! Hubby said they were BETTER THAN THE ONES AT THE STORE!, which made me proud and made all the rolling and dipping worth it.  

I was really happy with how they turned out and would definitely recommend you try them. Here are a couple of my tips for the recipe linked above:

1. Set aside a small bowl of icing sugar to rub on your hands each time you roll the little balls to avoid the mixture sticking to your hands, especially when you pat them into little discs (much like you would do with flour when kneading bread dough).
2. You may need to add a little more shortening to the melted chocolate. My chocolate mixture was too thick and I tried adding more shortening which helped a bit. I think it may have also been the type of chocolate chip I was using (PC Decadent).
3. Because my chocolate mixture was a bit too thick it was a bit tricky dipping the discs in the chocolate. The excess chocolate didn't run off easily either.  You will need to experiment with the right technique.  By the end of the batch I was literally throwing my peppermint disc in the chocolate filled bowl, fishing it out with a fork, taping the fork a few times on the side of the bowl and letting the disc slide off onto the tray.  Not so graceful - but it worked!
4. It is much easier to coat the peppermint discs if you take them out of the freezer right before you coat them. If you let them thaw at all, they are too difficult to transfer from your fork to your tray.


This was my very first Pinterest creation. I'm so proud of myself for putting this obsession to good use. If you aren't on Pinterest and would like an invitation, send me your email address! You will not be disappointed, just distracted.

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  1. Those look delicious. I am also a Junior Mints fan, so I may have to try them out.