Sunday, August 28, 2011

Champagne Birthday

It's my champagne birthday today. 28 big ones on the 28th day of August.

Want to know something really sad? I had to use a calculator to double check my age. I'm serious.  I actually forgot how old I was turning until someone asked me if it was my champagne birthday.  If that doesn't show how much I need to take more time for myself, I don't know what does.  How depressing. 

Truth is, I don't really remember too many of my birthdays.  There are only a select few that have stayed with me.  Birthdays have never been a big deal for me.  I really need to change that going forward.  Celebrating the day of your birth is amazing - atleast I've discovered that since becoming a Mother. Speaking of which, E is 28 months this month, neat!

I'm spending today with my whole family back home, because it's not only my birthday today, it's my parents wedding anniversary (remember, I'm lucky #7?).  They are celebrating 40 years (!) and have invited friends and family to spend the day with them. We will toasting them on their huge milestone and maybe, just maybe, the family with save a few cheers for me too.

Oh happy day!


  1. Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!

    Last year, I calculated my real age, and I was SHOCKED! And that is why I celebrate the anniversary of my 27th birthday every year.

  2. happy champagne! i celebrated my champagne 10 years ago on the 30th. so yeah, i'm 40 in two days. ack!

    anyhow, back to you. hope you enjoyed the day with friends and family. best way to celebrate.