Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where did June go?

For the 10+ years Hubby and I have been hanging around each other, we have always had a calendar to keep track of our monthly activities.  It kept us in line, kept each other in the know, and helped us plan ahead. I've kept every single calendar since we've got married. Is that weird? It's something my Mom always did and then she would go back and date pictures or record milestones in baby books that she didn't have time to get to. The calendar was the all-in-one tell-all and record-all centre on the kitchen wall.  I've fostered the same system in my house and since we had E it has been extremely important for us to stand by our calendar.  This year I picked up a calendar called "Mom Rocks" for cheap at a mall booth once the new year sales started.  It came with wicked awesome quotes and cute little stickers and lines for each family member and I was proud to keep track of everything and look so organized.

This past month, June 2011, was blank. Completely blank. I wish I could say it was because we didn't have any plans, but the truth is that June was so completely insane that I didn't even have time to write anything down on our calendar. If that isn't a sign to slow down, I don't know what is. It's July 9th and our calendar is still stuck on June and I'm wondering where June even went? Summer is here and flying by!

I'm supposed to be on vacation for two weeks at the end of the month and fear I won't be able to relax with so much on my plate right now.  Please, let me get through this next week so I can slow down and start getting back to the basics - like keeping a calendar!

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  1. My calendar is usually pretty complete for January - April and then we get swept into things wrapping up, good weather and I don't know what. Come September, I'm committed again but May to August are often in a blackhole.