Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A hike at Mud Lake

Ever since I read this post about Krista's Adventures at Mud Lake I've wanted to take E there. I added it to my Summer of Awesome list of must-do activities to make sure I make it there someday soon.  It is a less than 10 minute drive from our house, after all. 

While I am on vacation (kinda, ugh) this week, I decided this morning would be a perfect sunny day for a hike. We put our running shoes on (it's been dry lately so I knew we wouldn't get too muddy) and packed up a back pack with drinks and snacks (and extra underwear and shorts for my toilet training boy) and set out for the trails. I don't think we could have picked a better day to enjoy the scenery.

Entering Mud Lake trails

We saw turtles, ducks and frogs and different coloured flowers, berries, and leaves. E wanted to dive right in the lake to catch the creatures and would have if I let him.  We also saw some really neat looking birds and even caught the eye of an older gentlemen who was bird watching.  He was pleasantly surprised that we too we admiring the birds and showed us some amazing pictures he took of an eagle minutes earlier on his really heavy-duty-super duper-long-lensed camera.  E was fascinated with his camera and asked him to put the strap over his head. What a kid.

Wow, look at the bird!

We stopped at every single lookout point and tried to sit quietly to see and not scare any living creatures. And once we got near the end of the trail E's legs finally got a little heavy and needed a piggy back the rest of the way.  What a beautiful way to spend the morning with my energetic son while getting lots of exercise myself and relaxing and taking in the beautiful sights! I think we will make this a more regular place to visit since it's so close.

I have to go pee, Mommy!

P.S. We had to stop and squat for E to relieve some trickles of pee a few times. Surely, that can't be too damaging to the natural habitat can it?

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