Tuesday, July 12, 2011

E's language at 26 months

E is 26 months now and his language has really blossomed over the last few months.  In talking with a dear friend whose daughter is almost exactly a year younger than E, I realized how far he has come in such a short while.  While her daughter's speech path seems to very similar to E's so far I am excited to tell her all about how much better it keeps getting. 

These days, simply telling me what he wants or how he feels isn't quite enough for my little motor mouth. 

He warns me.
While we are in the kitchen and he pulls a chair up to the countertop to "help" me.
"Don't touch the toaster, Mommy. It's working. Don't touch it. Don't touch the light. It burns. It will burn your finger. Be careful. It dangerous. Don't touch it okay, Mommy?"

He corrects me.
As we turn onto the street on the way to my baseball game and E is getting restless after a long drive in traffic, I excitedly announce that we are almost at Mommy's soccer game (Oops, wrong day, wrong sport).

"No, we not going to Mommy's soccer game, we go to Mommy's baseball game!

He humours me.
When I fix his dinner plate and he takes his first bite.

"Mmm taste good, Mommy. Rice? I love rice! Mmm taste soooo good.

He has preferences and loves the power of choice.
When I ask him what he wants for dinner.
"I like bbqs. I wanna steak.  You turn on Daddy's bbq, please Mommy?"

He plays tricks on me.
When he comes in from the yard, he rings the doorbell repeatedly.

"Who is it, Mommy? Who's here?
And when I ask the question back he says, " It's me!" and giggles as if he had me fooled the whole time.

He has come so far from pointing and reciting words like he was one year ago.  This parenting gig really just keeps getting better. I am having a blast watching and hearing him learn his language.


  1. This post both melts my heart and has me so excited for the communication developments ahead in the next year! It seems like it wasn't too long ago E was just beginning to group words, and now he is asking structured questions and providing structured statements! That little gem of yours is growing quickly, I cannot wait to see you both again and delight in some of E's milestone's first hand (since our last visit)! As well, you've reminded me just how quickly time flies; as much as I am loving all of MY little E's accomplishments, you have reminded me not to rush the clock! Thanks for this one, friend! I enjoyed it - I enjoy them all! :)

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