Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where I'm from

I'm from the family of 13; from the farm with the long orange barn and the two silos and the perfectly planted fields; and from the old farm house down the really long drive way - sprinted every morning to catch the bus.

I'm from the house with a veranda lined with peonies and tiger lilies that would stain my hands orange; a weeping willow in the middle of the yard that was a perfect hiding place and flower beds of beautiful and bright marigolds and tulips.

I'm from trips to the little sandy beach, chanting "Are we there yet?" from the back seat of a station wagon, watching the dust of the dirt roads fly behind us. I'm from a place where you need to take a ferry to get to the mainland. A close-knit community.

I'm from 4-H courses and winning ribbons and plaques for confirmation and sportsmanship. I'm from pink and blue suspenders that kept my jeans up over my work boots at my first show.

I'm from church every Sunday morning, children's liturgy, sacraments and choir.

I'm from a home office filled with photo albums of my childhood and binders filled with every single milestone; a shoebox filled with sports ribbons, a pin collection and pictures taken with my very own Polaroid camera.

I'm from the smell of manure during spreading season that stays on your clothes when you go to school; from milk, meat, potatoes and vegetables for dinner; and from stockings filled with nuts and Dutch chocolate, licorice and candies and from a long line of sweet teeth.

I'm from TGIF TV shows and Saturday night Disney movies. I'm from listening to Sheryl Crow in my big sister's room and looking through her high school yearbooks; from loading a tape in my hand-me-down boom box and waiting for my favourite songs to come on the radio to hit record.

I'm from Backstreet Boys blaring in the gym at our Grade 8 basketball championship; from recess soccer games against visiting classes; from Moonboots and NKOTB dolls for Christmas. I'm from watching Now and Then at every sleepover and from meet-up points on dirt roads with friends for bikes rides with t-shirts wrapped around our heads just like the movie.

I'm from brother's chasing me with gardener snakes. I'm from fishing for tadpoles and catching frogs in the pond; from building snow forts and GT-Racer tracks and tunnels in mountains of snow created by my father's tractor. I'm from frozen pond hockey with cousins. I'm from eating rhubarb in the yard, husking corn on the back step and lining tomatoes on the kitchen window sill to finish ripening.

This post was written from inspiration from Adventures in Babywearing and many others that followed suit. Where are you from?


  1. Beautifully written. I still can't get over home many siblings you have!!! Sounds like a great childhood.

  2. Gorgeous post Alicia. I envisioned every moment of it.

    - smothermother (Julie)

  3. I'm from church on Sundays and a farm with silos and the smell of manure too!

    But I must be a lot older than you because the Backstreet Boys were in diapers when I was in Grade 8!