Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Potty Training: He is SO ready

I've been sitting back and watching E's signs of readiness for potty training ever since I noticed his interest at 18 months. He is now very interested in the potty and is starting to initiate sitting on it on his own. He grabs at his diaper when he is going to pee and announces what is happening in his pants. He loves reading books about potty training (I picked up a bag of books on the topic for cheap from a consignment sale a few months ago). He has gone both pee and poo on the potty on command.  He has gone both pee and poo on the potty after telling us he is about to in his diaper.  He is SO ready for this new adventure.

Sunday night Hubby and I asked him to go pee before his bath. We helped him sit down and sure enough he did his deed, shut the lid to his potty and then marched over to the bath tub like it was his job.  We were so proud and cheered and gave him high fives and sang the "we did it" song from Dora.  

Last night, as I was filling up the bath, E pulled his potty out himself and had a seat. Then, when nothing was coming out he did something that made me laugh so hard I could barely hold my phone straight enough to snap a picture (sorry no posting of picture here - for the baby album only).  

Here was my toddler leaning over his potty with his hands gripping the back of the seat, spreading his legs, with his knees slightly bent he was almost perfecting what I call the "Leaning Tower of Pee".  

Surely, you know this position? The one that your Hubby assumes over the toilet in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. The one that leaves fingerprints on the wall about 6 1/2 feet up behind the toilet. No, not your Hubby? Oh, I am so lucky.

I called Hubby immediately to tell him how E must be watching him lately and we had a good laugh.  Just another example of like father, like son.

Other than my laughing in the background, I didn't interrupt E while he stepped a little closer here and adjusted a little there and sure enough he got the job done! I am so proud.  My little baby has taken his first big step towards becoming a big boy.

When I get home from Calgary next week we are SO going shopping for little underwears!


  1. holy crap! (oops, pun not intended!) you are so lucky that he has started so early. diaper free life is so awesome!

    so very cute.

  2. Let's hope it is indeed the right time to start :)