Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Moments: Talking

I'm joining Capital Mom today by blogging about a moment from my life based on a theme she has provided. This week’s Monday Moment theme is Talking.

He's talking our ears off, but we are all ears.
We are so amazed with the way he can voice his likes, his wants, his demands, his fears.

When asked what his name is he proudly announces his first, middle and last.
We can't believe he picked that up so fast!

I embrace his soft and angelic voice because I know it won't stay for long.
He can be loud too, especially when he is upset or when he suddenly breaks into song.

All by myself! he yells while walking down the street.
We try to keep up; he's already quite the little athlete.

I want a pickle, please, he says as soon as we get home.
See ya later, he says when he is given space to freely roam.

Oh, okay! or Oh, I guess so! he says as he agrees.
Look, big broccoli, he says as he giggles and points to the trees.

I like to move it, move it, he sings as he dances about the house.
I sleeping, he says as he pretends to sleep - quiet as a mouse.

Almost 26 months now, he is a big boy right before our eyes.
Much of it has been a roller coaster with some lows, but mostly highs.

Listening to him talk makes me laugh everyday.
I wish he could stay this age forever; I wish there was a way.


  1. It's a sweet age isn't it? Busy, but so sweet and loving and full of exploration and learning. Treasure it :)

  2. I'm so impressed! How do you find the time to be so creative!? Love it. Great read.

  3. Great post! And really? He wants a pickle. :-)

  4. @Lara - Such a sweet age :) And I am!
    @Allison - When I should be sleeping :)
    @Capital Mom - He does. Asks for one everyday. Good thing we keep a big jar in the fridge :)