Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Moments: Change

I'm joining Capital Mom today by blogging about a moment from my life based on a theme she has provided. This week’s Monday Moment theme is Change.

I've been thinking about defining moments lately and how situations and events in my life have shaped and/or changed me.

While I know that negative influences and hardships are important to learn from and I know that I have certainly grown from them, I prefer to focus on the positives.

There was the time that my Mother sat with me night after night helping me write and rehearse my Grade 8 speech. That speech gave me the highest mark in the class and awarded me the Valedictorian Award and privilege. Again, she helped me prepare and gave me the confidence to speak my most heartfelt words in a gymnasium full of my peers, their families and our teachers. It was a tough year for me, my family and for others in my class. My words brought laughter and tears and helped conquer my fear of public speaking. That day, that experience, that dedication from my Mother - it changed my quiet, introverted self into a confident and passionate writer. That's where it all started.

Then there was my wedding day. Not the part where I married my best friend (although that was awesome and life changing too), but the time that came to dance with my Father. It was the first time we talked that eventful day and our conversation will stay with me forever.  "You look like a movie star", he said. I laughed. Ya right, I thought. "No really, that's what everybody's saying. Its true". I took his strong lead and we floated across the dance floor. My Father, a man of very few words and someone who struggles with expressing his feelings, told me in his own way that he was proud of me that day. To a young woman that struggled with self esteem, it changed my view in the mirror going forward.

And then came the day my son was born. The day I found my calling as a mother. That day lead me to my passions and changed my whole outlook on life.

These are some of the moments that helped define me, shape me and change me.


  1. These are so lovely. You brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Beautiful moments - all of them :)

  3. well geez sister.... way to make me instantly burst into tears! Such a great post!

  4. I especially love the story of you and your dad dancing at your wedding. Beautiful.

  5. Thank you so much ladies. They are moments that I hold close to my heart.