Monday, June 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Packed bags
Sad goodbyes
Where mommy go? questions
Leg room, headphones, movies
Seatbelt fastened

Funny stories, cute pictures
Missed phone calls
I love you and miss you messages
Late night tossing and turning
Laptop on cozy hotel bed, writing

Long, busy days
Paperwork, emails, meetings
Missed meals, headaches
Inspiring sport heroes
Old friends, new friends

Shuttles, security
Cotton candy clouds
Crashing hugs
Forehead kisses
Happy tears

Dinner, bath
Bed time stories
Restless dog, waking child
Zombie parents
Home sweet home


  1. welcome home.

    - smothermother (Julie)

  2. Very sweet. Your poem made me cry. When I got home from 8 days in Kansas City working I got in the car and my 14-month-old looked at me and looked away. But we're back to being friends now. Makes me not want to go away ever again.