Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An update of sorts

I think I owe a much needed update to this spot. I've indicated all kinds of new adventures but haven't really followed up on them. Onwards...

We haven't had much luck with the weather lately so Hubby and I have only played one baseball game so far and have only had two official date nights.  Taking the time to be a couple is a lot of work! We did however, have an awesome and relaxing weekend away at a small resort where Hubby was playing in golf tournament and we enjoyed a nice dinner and walks around the resort. E was with us too so it was a perfect family weekend of enjoying each others presence.

I was worried I may have spoken too soon about E's tolerance to soy, but I believe we are past that now.  He has been eating foods with soy products in them without a problem and it has made life much easier although, I am finding myself more apt to buying more processed, brand name foods and I'm not sure if that is a entirely a good thing. We had a small episode Saturday night of tummy cramps and night wakings from some dairy contamination at our dinner out, but it's been a while since that's happened.

I'm really happy with my life right now for a combination of reasons.  It's because of little reminders and from choosing happiness and it's from accepting things and working past them.  In the past, most of my unhappiness came from Hubby working too much and my feelings of sadness that he was missing so much.  It was hard not to dwell on it.  Hubby is still working a lot and isn't home as much as we would both like, but this also means promotions and commissions.  And while my little brother tried to remind me this weekend that, "Money isn't everything", it certainly helps keep our spirits up and our life on track when we are on top of our bills and saving. And it reminds us to take advantage of our time to together as a family and of our goal to one day buy our first home. Our life is busy, but it's working out just fine for us.

In an effort to control some constipation issues with E and all of our overall health we have been counting our chews for a month now.  I'm proud to announce that it is working and although we still need to remind him, he now knows the drill.  In the meantime, I also made a large batch of stewed prunes, froze it in cubes and can easily warm them up when needed.  Have you ever tried stewed prunes? Delish! This is one fruit I never tried when E was eating pureed foods. So far I’ve served it mixed with applesauce and also on top of soy yogurt and oatmeal. E loves it and it works like magic. I no longer feel stressed when constipation is on the horizon. And a hidden gem to this challenge - when you chew your food you taste and enjoy it that much more!

I haven’t been writing out my dinner diaries here lately. I’m just not sure if I want to continue it. Perhaps I’ll start sharing more recipes that I have tried lately.  Stay tuned this week for some recipes that involve a lot of beans and a lot of chocolate.

We still haven’t received E’s renewed health card (I need to look into this!) and therefore he is a month late for his 2 year check up.  I’m excited to see where he is on the scales and have been delaying his appointment until his card comes in. Yikes.

Lastly, my computer is on the fritz and I need to drop it off at the shop tonight. I apologize in advance for not being online much in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, I’ve created a Facebook fan page and I would really like it if you liked me! And if you are on Twitter I would love to chat with you - @aliciafagan (I know the ropes now that I’ve taken Lara’s Workshop which I highly recommend to anyone looking to dive in Twitter).

That’s it for now folks!


  1. i find that ground flax seed works wonders for my , um, bowel issues. you can put it in anthing and there really isn't that much of a taste to it. if anything, it's a little nutty.

  2. Thanks for the reminder Julie. I bought a big bag of flax meal for a recipe and need to remember to start using it up in things.