Saturday, May 14, 2011

These Feet

These feet often crawl into bed with us in the middle of the night. They wrap around my legs and snuggle in close.

My alarm goes off and I feel these feet twitching and I pull the blankets back.  I stare at their cuteness and I wonder if they will develop the same swishing motion habit that Hubby has when trying to fall asleep. I grab my camera and capture a few shots of cute little feet while they are still.

These feet aren't so little any more. The size 7 shoes purchased last week ,assuming they had grown up one size since the last pair, are in fact almost too small. New size 8's  were picked up this week to last the summer. These feet are growing so fast, right before my eyes.

Any minute now, these feet will be up and running around the house.  They will run to and from the playroom, the bathroom, his bedroom and downstairs while we all get ready to leave the house for the day. They will kick their heels up to imitate "skating real fast". They will jump up and down on our bed just like the "nastics tampoline". They will move side to side and pivot and spin, dancing to the radio.  They will try to kick off their new shoes while sitting in the car.  They will run down the sidewalk all "by de self" to Mrs. X's front door. They will spend a full day running, kicking and jumping around with friends.

But for now, these little feet rest, preparing for a new day in the life of a two year old.

I just love these feet.

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